• Sales

    The Intelecto Contact Center operates by telephone and other channels such as chat and email, in the areas of fixed and mobile broadband, cable TV, tickets to events, and more.

  • Helpdesk

    Monitoring of calls, support, knowledge and techniques, by phone, chat, email or remote access, that allow diagnose and address of all incidents and issues that your clients may have.

  • Debt Collection

    Focused on friendly collection action, the Intelecto Contact Center develops solutions for monitoring the entire cycle of credit recovery, including SMS, URA, email, postage and management letters / slips.

    Debt Collection
  • Sac

    Ability to perform customer service operations to sales support, complaints and suggestions, completion of business processes, and more.

  • Consulting

    Meet one of the best technologies in Europe Contact Center which will be launched soon in Brazil, as well as a set of complementary tools and systems to deploy your Call Center or upgrade your current platform.

  • Research

    Better understand your current and potential customers, understand and anticipate their needs and increase your relationship with them.

  • Management
  • Technology
  • Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resources
  • Social Networks
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  • Let’s do it differently 20 Dec 2013

    That Christmas is a time when most people believe that life is worth living New Year.

  • Intelecto 03 years 16 Jul 2013

    At the Day 07/16/2013 born the Intelecto Contact Center. And three years already has passed?! It seems that was yesterday that the idea came out of the paper as the dream’s result from a multidisciplinary team, with experience in sales, charging, treatment service to costumer, telecommunications and information technology. Many things has happened, the team […]

  • Smartphones gain space for health services 22 May 2013

    Intelecto Contact Center has worked for ProCare Saúde since 2011 as support in the monitoring of patients with chronicle disease. This program is to ensure individual attention to the patients, qualified and with high resolubility, providing integrated solutions in health focusing on the well-being and better health conditions, developed modularly to follow and educate its users, providing […]

  • Customer service by smartphone will grow 50% until 2017 07 Apr 2013

    Second estimate of Sintelmark (Union Paulista Corporate Telemarketing, Direct Marketing and Related), 50% of calls made to contact centers will come from smartphones until 2017. Currently, 90% of visits are made by phone and, according to an analysis of the organization, 45% of Brazilians should make use of a smartphone to the Olympics in 2016. […]

  • New channels: social networking in campaigns call center 18 Dec 2012

    A contact center is only meaningful when generating a link between the consumer and the company. He should help the customer find what they want and solve your demand. For this, he can seek various means of communication beyond the phone. And one of the fastest growing in Brazil is the use of social networks. […]

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